The Importance of the Bible
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Importance of the BibleThe Bible is considered the most important book in the world. Simply because it is God's word. When you read the Bible, you read a message from God Himself. When the Bible speaks, God speaks. Because the Bible is God's Word, it does more than just pass on information. It makes a promise, a promise of life. Everyone who receives the Bible's message in faith, is promised the rich gift of eternal life in the Lord Jesus Christ, God's Son. The Bible came from God Himself. God chose several people to write down what He wanted them to. Through God's inspiration the Bible was written down by people who did not make up these words themselves. The Holy Spirit drove them to speak on behalf of God.

We need the Bible because no one can live fully without knowing God's true Word. True life consists of obeying God's every command. We can trust the Bible, because God's Word is true and all promises will certainly be fulfilled. The Bible is not too ancient to carry meaning for us today. It is a living book that speaks to people's hearts in every time and place. God's word is full of strength and life. It is sharper than the sharpest sword; it penetrates immediately to our deepest thoughts and desires and shows us clearly who and what we truly are.

The Bible is unutterably useful in your daily life, because it teaches you how to lead a life full of use and sense that is pleasing to God. The bible teaches you the truth and demonstrates any lack in your life and faith. It brings order to your life and shows you what is right and good. The greatest joy you will receive thanks to reading the Bible is that it leads you to the Lord Jesus Christ. It shows you how you can be saved, namely through faith in Jesus Christ through whom you may receive eternal life.

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